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I am Bharat 

I am a roboticist based in Miami, Florida. Having worked with Medical Robots, Unmanned Aerial Systems, and Industrial Manipulators, I bring a diverse spectrum of experiences. However, surgical and medical robotics is what gives me a reason to wake up every morning.

I work as a Senior Roboticist in the Surgical Robotics Innovations - Phase 0 team at Stryker Corporation where I develop novel computer-assisted surgical and medical robotic systems, technologies, and applications.

A Bit About Me

In a line: I work as if my life depends on it.

A little more:  I received my Master's degree in Robotics from the University of Maryland, College Park where I was graduate researcher in the Medical Robotics & Equipment Lab (MREL) under Dr. Axel Krieger. My research was focused on Human-Robot Interaction and haptics while integrating methodologies from robotics, control theory, artificial intelligence, machine vision, and human psychology to develop intelligent robots for deployment in medical and surgical applications. My primary research project was a semi-autonomous, haptic enabled robotic system for remote assessment of trauma patients using ultrasonographic techniques.

I received my bachelor's in Mechatronics Engineering from SRM University, Katlankulathur where my research was focused around civilian and industrial applications of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS). I was a founding member of the university's UAS research team, SRM-UAV, during my freshman year. I worked as a Controls & Embedded Systems engineer and also led the team during my junior and senior years. While in SRM-UAV, I worked on a variety of aerial platforms such as rotary-wings, fixed-wings, tilt-rotors, and hybrids for applications like wind turbine inspection, mapping, surveillance, package delivery etc.    

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