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TRiP: Tiltrotor Project

“Modelling, Simulation, Control, and Development of a Tiltrotor UAV" is a project taken by Bharat Mathur & Anshuman Dikshit to be completed as the bachelor's thesis project for the B.Tech Mechatronics Engineering program at SRM Univerity, Kattankulathur, India.

The project is guided by Mr. Karthik M.R., Assistant Professor, Department of Mechatronics Engineering, SRM University.




The proposed design is a co-axial Tricopter (Y6) configuration with wing rotor pairs mounted on 1 DOF mounts each, and tail rotor pairs on a 2 DOF mount.


  • The aircraft has none of the conventional control surfaces

  • Maneuvers purely by thrust vectoring!

  • Vertical Takeoff & Landing Capabilities

Tethered Testing


Artistic Render

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