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X2: The Hybrid UAV

Who Needs a Runway Anymore?


The hybrid UAV was one of my biggest projects as a Control Systems engineer at SRM-UAV. The X-2 consists of an X-configuration quadrotor mounted underneath a fixed-wing aircraft. This makes it a hybrid UAV which combines the advantages of a multi-rotor and a fixed-wing aircraft. It is capable of taking off and landing from almost any location without the need of a runway. 


The transformation from VTOL to the fixed-wing configuration is one of the toughest challenges in this extremely versatile aircraft. The take-off thrust is provided by the four quadrotor motors which take the aircraft to the desired altitude of about 50 meters. On reaching this, the puller motor of the fixed-wing aircraft provides thrust so as to achieve a velocity above the stall velocity. During this phase, the quadrotor motors slowly reduce their thrust and power down while maintaining altitude and stabilizing the aircraft.


For the Medical Express Challenge 2016, the X-2 was modified into an H-configuration coaxial quadrotor with a pusher fixed-wing aircraft. This aircraft was called the H-2 The final aircraft weighed 17 Kg and had a payload capacity of about 6 Kg.




  • Defence Surveillance systems in remote locations where landing space is not available. (E.g.: Hilly terrain, forests etc)

  • Civilian UAVs in populated cites for traffic monitoring, surveillance, crime reporting.

  • Long range package delivery with the ability to land accurately at the delivery point.

  • In applications where long range and accurate take-off and landing are desirable



X-2 Prototype Design


H-2 Final Design

(For Medical Express Challenge 2016)

The full project report for the Medical Express Challenge can be found here:

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