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SRM-UAV participated in the Students Unmanned Aerial Systems Competition 2017 organized by the Association of Unmanned Vehicle Systems International at Patuxent River Naval Air Station Maryland, USA. The team got a Flight Readiness Review Rank of 11 and a World Rank of 27 out of a total of 63 teams.



The UAS used for the competition had the following features:


  • Fully autonomous operation

  • Powerplant: Two-stroke, 35 CC IC Engine 

  • Payload: An IDS UI-3880CP camera,  A Sony CCD FPV camera, a package drop mechanism, an ODROID XU4 embedded computer

  • Autopilot Telemetry System: Ubiquity 2405-2475 MHz module; A 16 dBi Sector antenna with a Rocket M2 mounted on an antenna tracker on the ground and a 5 dBi dipole antenna with a Bullet M2 on the aircraft side.

  • R/C Telemetry System: Arkbird 433 MHz repeater station 

  • A Flight Termination System to initiate a Return To Land procedure in case of, R/C signal loss, Telemetry signal loss or Manual FTS request.  Warning systems warn the ground station in case of Soft Geofence breach or Autopilot Failure.

  • The aircraft can act as a repeater to transmit data between the ground station and a remote operator station

The full project report can be found here:

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